Visit Options:
30 minutes - $15
45 minutes - $20
60 minutes - $25
Over 60 minutes - subject to discussion + discounted rate!

Additional Charges:
$3 for any visit between 9am-10am, and 5pm-9pm
$5 for any visit between 9pm-9am
$2 for each additional dog after the first
    -this differs for homes with multiple cats and/or other pets
$3 for any visit requested on the same  day of service
$6 for any holiday
$3 for each injection, shot, or administration of ear/nose/eye/difficult oral medication
Cancellation fee: If the visit is cancelled after 8am the day of, the request is still charged. If cancelled anytime before that, the money will either be refunded or added to your account credit.

Payment Options: Cash / Check / Venmo

Tips are accepted and very much appreciated!

After every visit, the client will receive a detailed report (through text, email, or note left at the residence).

Referral Credit: Free visit after your referral signs up!

After initial communications, a free introductory meeting is scheduled. I can be introduced to your pet(s), so the first time we meet is when they feel most comfortable. Then we can go over the details of their routines.

Overnight Stays/Petsitting: This occurs in the home of the pet, so they can be where they are most familiar and comfortable. Pricing depends on the length of stay and the needs of the specific pet(s).


Office Hours:
Monday-Friday: 8am-7pm
Saturday-Sunday: 1pm-4pm

Licensed. Bonded. Insured. Experienced.
Phone: (216) 973-3103
[email protected]